When Emulation Beats the Original

Hardwood flooring used to hold the distinction as the standard in flooring material. However, luxury vinyl tile/plank (LVT/LVP) has come a long way, and when you explore the dividing factors between today’s luxury vinyl tile vs. hardwood, it becomes clear that vinyl can rival hardwood flooring in many areas. Luxury wood design vinyl planks are now a modern, beautiful, effective and affordable flooring solution — even (and in some cases, especially) compared to hardwood.

5 quantifiable qualities of flooring:

1. Look/Style
2. Durability/Stability
3. Environmental Impact
4. Application
5. Cost

Side by side, you may be surprised to find that luxury vinyl tile is not only a suitable solution, but a preferable one — the best flooring solution.

Hardwood flooring is inarguably beautiful. It comes in many colors, qualities and styles. However, these styles are 2-3 times more expensive than luxury vinyl wood planks which already include the additional looks and styles that must be purchased for hardwood. There is a noticeable difference between hardwood and commodity wood design vinyl planks. However, modern technology has made those differences extremely difficult to recognize in a luxury vinyl tile flooring, which gives you a near-perfect hardwood look for a fraction of the cost.

Hardwood can be durable and stable, with constant upkeep. It is however, because of its porous nature and requirement for protective coating, limited in application to non-moisture-prone, low traffic areas.

Luxury vinyl tile is extremely durable and stable, with little to no upkeep. Its hard wear layer makes it long-lasting and applicable to nearly any situation. Most warranties grant use under commercial conditions.

Luxury vinyl tile is more resistant to moisture, and is made with a hard layer that makes is last longer with little to no upkeep however it can be more of a hassle to transition too as the only current option is to stain and unfinished wood pieces to match the Luxury Vinyl Tile.

When it comes to luxury vinyl vs. wood flooring, there is no side-by-side competition. Any suitable application for wood flooring is either equaled or surpassed by luxury vinyl at the very least in terms of cost. In the simplest terms: the cheapest hardwood is more expensive than top-of-the-line luxury vinyl tile, which has all of the aforementioned benefits included by the very nature of its material.


The debate of hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl tile will be going on for a long time. It all comes down to personal preference and whether or not you want to pay more for your floors. They both measure up well in the durability test and they’re both built to last for a long time. They’re both gorgeous options and elegant. It is also hard to truly tell them apart. They are both excellent options for your home








Luxury Vinyl Tile vs. Hardwood Flooring