We’ve all heard of the “Tiny House Movement” that has become so popular over the past couple years, but many of us can’t, won’t, don’t want to live in a home the size of most people’s living room. But it does start the conversation- “Should we downsize?”. Whether you’re tired of constantly cleaning those under utilized spaces, would like to reallocate those large home expenses in other areas of your life, or just simply want to minimize your lifestyle- downsizing your home doesn’t also have to mean giving up the luxuries your larger home may offer.

Things to remember when thinking about downsizing:

*Don’t get stuck on a square footage number.*

Just because a home is less square footage than you think you need, always give the layout a good look. Don’t be fooled by a large square footage number when you may end up feeling entirely too closed in by chopped up rooms, under-developed storage, and poorly laid out living areas.

At just over 2500 heated square feet, with room to grow, the “Tradd” floor plan by Leachman Stoller, LLC (Copyright 2014) offers an amazing interior living flow, outstanding bedrooms sizes, unbeatable storage opportunities, and vast outdoor living spaces! Here’s one in the beautiful neighborhood of Cannonsgate!

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*Storage is key!*

One of the hardest parts of downsizing is parting with the accumulation of family heirlooms, tubs full of holiday decorations, and countless other items that are kept over the years. Sometimes it’s just too hard to part with all of that at once.

Here’s a great example of a home that’s under 2300 Square Feet, but offers an open layout, great bedroom sizes, and amazing walk-in storage! Walk-in storage is extremely valuable when you think about needing an easily accessible place to store all those items you don’t want cluttering up your garage. Not to mention how much safer it is than climbing up pull down attic stairs with a heavy tote!

The Marsh Cottage- Copyright Leachman Stoller, LLC. 2014

This has been built in several communities around the area and will break ground again in the community of Bogue Watch next week!

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*You can still maintain that exterior “WOW” factor!*

Check out this bungalow home FULL of Southern charm with an amazing interior layout and outdoor living space!

Ace Bungalow- just over 1300 Heated Square Feet, Copyright Snyder Design Group, LLC

We’ve built and sold two of these Ace Bungalows in Beaufort Club already, and are ready to build more- with even more Bungalow plans to choose from!

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If you’re thinking of downsizing, what’s the most important thing YOU look for in your new home floor plan? Comment and let us know!!

We can’t wait to help you downsize or even upsize your next custom home!