If you already own a piece of land and are in the process of looking at floor plans to build, these are some great tips that will lead you to choosing the perfect home!

1. If you have views- take full advantage of them!

Whether you have a gorgeous water view on the back of your lot, a charming pond on the front, or gorgeous hills and tree lines all around, it’s important when choosing a home to consider how the layout best showcases your property.

**Notice how this home brings wall to wall windows in the living, kitchen, and dining to showcase the beautiful water views! This home can be seen live at 707 Cannonsgate Dr. in Newport, NC**

Contrarily, if there is an area of your lot you’d like to hide from the interior of your home, think of plans that limit the windows in that particular area of the house. If you can’t eliminate windows altogether, use high square windows that still allow in natural light, while keeping out exterior eye sores and also maintaining interior privacy!

**See a home similar to this one at 711 Lanyard Dr. in Bogue Watch- Newport, NC!**

2. Map it All Out!

When you’re reviewing potential floor plans, it’s important to keep in mind your “build-able area”. Don’t forget to factor in garages, driveways, possible outdoor storage areas, as well as outdoor living areas. You may have to make compromises depending on what your property allows, but having a good idea of how much space you’ll need for each will go a long way in helping determine the right house for your lot!

**Here’s an example of using a plot plan to visualize how everything you need will fit on your lot.**

3. Make Sure you Budget, but Don’t Forget the Wish List!

For most people, coming up with a budget for their new build is high priority. That’s the way it should be. Being able to stick to that budget isn’t always easy, but having one to start with is extremely important. However, don’t strap yourself so tightly to a number that you never create your “wish list”. To make it easy, create 2 columns: Must Haves and Wants. Some “must haves” are others’ “wants”, but make the list specific to you and your home only.

Take a look at these features that could be your want, but someone else’s must haves!

What’s even better than photos? Take a tour of one of these amazing homes to see what WANTS you can turn in to MUST HAVES!

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4. Pick a Great Builder

We’re a little partial on this one, but at Streamline Developers, we want every home we build to be a dream home for our clients. We truly enjoy every aspect of the building process with you, and love taking you through every step!

Check out our existing inventory homes, or let us build on your lot! We’re ready, when you are!