Our Building Process

What To Expect When Building Your New Home

Selections and Pre-Construction Meetings
Prior to the start of construction, you will meet with your New Home Coordinator (NHC) to select all your exterior finishes, review cabinet plans, and begin the interior design process. Once permit is received and selections have been signed, you will meet your construction team on site to review any plan changes, selections, site conditions, plot plan, as well as any other information pertinent to your build.

Mechanical Walkthrough-Rough Ins
The superintendent or NHC for your new home will contact you at least three days in advance to set up a meeting to walk through and discuss the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical aspects of your home. During this meeting, you will be asked to participate in verifying locations of things such as lights, hose bibs, and cable outlets. All interior selections will need to be finalized by this meeting.

Pre-Drywall Walkthrough
At this point, your new home will now have been framed, roughed in and ready for insulation and drywall. Your site superintendent and NHC will walk you through the home to verify that no details were missed during framing or rough ins. This will be the last opportunity to modify or change any components of the rough in stage of construction.

Quality Control Inspection
Each home undergoes a 300+ point inspection done by our Quality Assurance department. The homeowner will not be present for this inspection, but one of our trained quality control specialists will conduct the inspection and review the list with the superintendent to ensure any issues that arise are corrected before the Homeowner Orientation.

Homeowner Orientation
Your superintendent or NHC will contact you at least three days in advance to set up an onsite meeting. During this orientation, you will learn all about your new home, and will be able to walk through with the superintendent and create a “punch list”. Your home warranty and any other important information will also be covered during this meeting.

Homeowner Sign Off and Final Walkthrough
Prior to closing, you will walk through your new home once more and verify satisfactory completion of minor issues noted on the “punch list”. The superintendent will also go over Landscaping, Paint, and Warranty of Completion paperwork at this time.

The main office or your real estate agent (if applicable) will contact you to discuss the full closing process – whether is be within our office or with a pre-determined closing attorney. Please do not lock in mortgage rates or set up movers until your closing date has been approved by the superintendent, sales manager, closing coordinator and, if needed, attorney. You will then receive the keys to your dream home!

30 Day Follow Up
Within 30 days of your closing, you will need to follow our warranty protocol, and submit any warranty items you may have through our website. Once this list is submitted, our Warranty Manager will call and/or email you to set up a time to come assess those issues.

11 Month Follow Up
As the one-year anniversary of owning your new home approaches, it is an ideal time to make a list of any additional concerns that you have noted and would like addressed by the Warranty Manager. Again, proper protocol must be followed, and this list must also be submitted using our website.

Your Construction Team


The superintendent’s job is to oversee the day to day construction site, scheduling and coordination of subcontractors, as well as maintaining quality control. Any questions regarding construction of the home itself should be directed to your superintendent.

New Home Coordinator

The New Home Coordinator, or NHC, is responsible for assisting you in the selections and design process. The NHC will attend your on site meetings with you and be there to answer questions you have regarding those selections throughout the build.

Our friendly office staff is always readily available to help you in the event you’re unable to reach your construction team.