Our Building Process

What to expect when building your new home

Pre-Construction Meeting
During this meeting you are introduced to the management team that will oversee the building of your new custom home. The meeting includes an overview of Streamline Developers’ commitment to building a better home than the competition. Also, at this meeting you will review documentation and discuss details pertaining to your new home.

Rough Ins
The superintendent or Advanced Home Consultant, AHC, for your new home will contact you at least three days in advance to set up a meeting to walk through and discuss the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical portions of your home. During this meeting you will see what is included in the trades mentioned above. You will also have the opportunity to make changes if needed.

Pre-Drywall Orientation
At this point your new home will now have been framed, sided, shingles installed, and roughed in. Your site superintendent or AHC will walk you through all the critical items discussed at your pre-construction and rough in meetings to ensure no details are missed. This will be the last opportunity to modify any components of the rough in stage of construction.

Quality Control Inspection
You will not be present for this meeting, but one of our trained quality control specialists will walk through your home with a comprehensive checklist.

Homeowner Orientation
Your superintendent or AHC will contact you at least three days in advance to set up an onsite meeting. During this meeting a “punch list” will be created. You will also learn about the features of your new house. At this meeting we will discuss the warranty manual and any other important information.

Homeowners Sign Off
Prior to closing, the superintendent will walk you through your new home and verify satisfactory completion of any minor issue noted on the punch list.

The main office or your Realtor will contact you to discuss the closing process.

Thirty Day Follow Up
Within thirty days of your closing someone within our office will contact you to ensure you are completely satisfied. At this time the contact person will also set up a paint appointment to repair any damaged areas that may have occurred during the move-in stage. This service is offered to you at no expense.

Eleven Month Follow Up
As the first anniversary of your new custom home approaches, this is the ideal time to make a list of any concerns which you would like to have addressed during the eleven month inspection. If you are like most homeowners, the list will be minimal if any. Streamline Developers strives to achieve perfection. Customer satisfaction remains our number one goal.

What is the difference between Superintendent and Advanced Home Consultant?

The Superintendent’s job is to run the day-to-day operations on the construction site and control the short-term schedule. The role of the superintendent also includes important quality control and subcontractor coordination responsibilities. The Advanced Home Consultant is responsible for the selections chosen by the client and will address any questions clients may have during the home building process.